This family’s got game!

We met in the early evening at a little beach area near their home.  I always chat with Mom or Dad  in advance and recommend a few things to make the shoot run smooth for all of us, and that might make it fun for the kids…. some favorite toys, beach blankets, a change of clothes.  Truth is, when you have children from birth to five years old, it may be all you can do to just show up at the session, and I totally GET that!!  So, I always keep my expectations very low.  I have been there myself after all….But, Leslie and her family showed up ready for action and I mean ACTION!  They brought their cutie pie boys, the props, the snacks, the diaper bag,  and they didn’t stop moving, playing and exploring the beach until we were done with our session 90 minutes later!  There were kids flying through the air,  bubbles floating by, Dad chasing boys, Dad chasing Mom ; ),  piggy back rides, ukelele playing,  baseball’s pitched … even some sand eating, but it was all good!  They were up for a beach shoot and ready for all that it entails, which often means getting sandy and wet.  It’s all in the attitude,  these guys had the best possible, and it shows!

Valentine’s Day is for lovers like Jolinda & Noel…

Once in a while a wedding makes me misty.  Couples in love and families with babies and children always make me smile, which is why I do this job.  This couple though really made me want to kick my heals and weep with joy!!  There was so much heart in their wedding that I almost forgot to be professional and ran for the box of Kleenex.  Not to worry though, as you can see I held it together.  Today being Valentines Day I thought I would post their magical wedding from last Summer in Los Angeles where I traveled gladly to photograph their nuptials.  My job just never gets old, I guess I am just a sucker for love, nuf said.

In keeping with the theme, here is a poem I found while walking in the woods with my boys scrawled on a fallen tree:

“I want to be a builder,

of many marvelous things,

to fit my heart with hoses,

so you could hear it sing.”

Jolinda & Noel thanks so much for letting me be there to capture your day!!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Chris & Mike

Chris & Mike got married at a location that is one of my all time favorites in Seattle, the Skansonia Ferry on Lake Union.  Permanently docked on the north side of the lake it offers amazing water and city views and the rustic feeling of being in the heart of what makes this city special.  Every couple is so unique and therefore every wedding.  One thing they made clear to me during our early consultations was that they didn’t want to see each prior to taking their vows together.  While this can sometimes pose a challenge, depending on the circumstances of light availability and proximity to reception, I am not one to turn down a couple with this request but merely caution them of the logistics.  Chris and I conspired and came up with a plan of action, and she being the totally organized bride of my dreams everything went off beautifully.  That pay off to the rain gods may have helped too!

Special thanks to Sullivan Hester for her fabulous second shooting abilities!

Location: Skansonia Ferry

Photography: Melanie Blair Photography

Photo Booth: 321 Foto

DJ: Seattle Parties/DJ Leslie

Ben & Izzy

This Summer I had the great pleasure of spending some time with a close friend of mine and her family.  I have known her ever since we were both a couple of awkward ten year old dorks who lived across the street from each other who for kicks would walk up to the antique mall and order some french fries and a couple of cokes with our allowance money.  That was obviously many moons ago, and as the stars would have it we both are now mothers of twins which is something that has bound us with a new kind of sisterhood.  She went first as luck would have it, and thank goodness for that because she got to make the mistakes that I got to learn from.  When I say that, I am kidding 100%!  I believe being a Mom is one of the highest and hardest callings and when you double it you double the calling!  Rachel rose to the occasion and her children are not only beautiful, charming and intelligent, they are a kick to be around.  I had the honor of photographing them when they were 1 and 2 years old and I recently had the honor again as they are now hitting their teens or tweens…I don’t always get the lingo but you get the picture.

My family flew down to join theirs outside the Marin County area and we had some laughs and beach time and collected lots of sand dollars.  Rachel you are the best!  I have so much respect.  It is great to still call you friend.