Melanie was the first person on the preferred vendor list at my former business, A Country Location. It was always nice to hear that Melanie was the wedding photographer for the day. She is calm, confident and so energetic. She easily adapts to all situations and emotions, capturing subtle moments that are treasured. I was excited when my son Josh and his wife Stasea chose Melanie as their wedding photographer at A Country Location in August, 2008. The photos are amazing. It was fun to be on the other side of the camera, having Melanie taking photos of me, my family and friends. I highly recommend Melanie Blair Photography. She creates beautiful memories and is unforgettable.
Judy Milton / Florist
Owner of Gathered in the Garden

I'd seen Melanie's calm, professional demeanor in action at another wedding without knowing who she was, but when I was looking for a wedding photographer her name kept coming up. I felt lucky to find someone so versatile who excels at both formal and candid photos, and works comfortably in both color and black-and-white--a combination that's hard to find in one person. At my wedding, she corralled big groups of disparate families, managing in just a few shots to get a bunch of people to smile naturally and not have their eyes closed. But more than that, her posed portraits captured the expressions of joy and emotion we were all feeling. She also has an eye for the memorable unplanned moments that make a wedding--I treasure the photo she took of my stepchildren dancing together in unselfconscious glee.
Katherine Koberg
Editor in Chief
Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job that you did. We LOVE our photographs and you did a wonderful job of listening to us and working with us to meet our needs.
Jenny Stuart

We used Melanie for engagement photos, wedding photos, pregnancy photos, and newborn photos. Every time we came away with the best pictures we have ever had. We kept coming back to Melanie because she made us feel so comfortable, yet had such a great result. Melanie was able to get a genuine smile from my husband--not just the goofy one!--and make us both look better than we do in real life. At our wedding, Melanie organized both of our families for the group photos in a pleasant, yet firm way. …We couldn't have been happier with her.
Melinda Young

We interviewed a lot of people but Melanie made the biggest impression on us. We feel very fortunate that Melanie was able to be our photographer, she made everything very easy for us and the end product exceeded our expectation. Melanie is very professional and organized, she always did the things she said she was going to do, when she said she was going to them. This took a lot of pressure off of us when coordinating everything else for our wedding, we knew we could count on her. Melanie took the time to listen to what we wanted and the end result was exactly what we were looking for. During the wedding and reception Melanie seemed to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. She was never in the way but got amazing pictures of everything and everybody. The pictures really capture the essence of the day and are something we will cherish forever. Melanie is truly a gifted photographer and was a pleasure to work with, we couldn’t have asked for anything better.
Bill and Melissa Heinson

[Melanie] always seems to find the right location to capture us at our best. She always accommodates our special requests with enthusiasm. …What we especially love about Melanie is her patience and ability to engage our kids with a participative approach. We tried retail portrait studios before finding Melanie and have come to appreciate the difference working with a true professional makes! We are delighted to recommend Melanie.
Cora & Stefan Geftor

Melanie is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has an amazing ability to capture photos of my children that really express who they are. As the years pass the photographs taken by Melanie remain my timeless favorites.
Dana Gribble

You were truly a pleasure to work with -everyone thought so. … it was a bit chaotic before the ceremony, but you kept a level head and we really appreciate it. I had several guests tell me how unobtrusive you were, while moving around a lot.
Laura Grout

We are so pleased with our engagement and wedding photos! Melanie truly wanted us to have the best experience possible and everything from paperwork to picture days was very positive. Her photography is classic, fun, tasteful, and artistic. Our family could not have a wedding without her, too! She photographed my sister's wedding in 2004, our wedding in March of 2008, and my other sister's wedding in September of 2008. We highly recommend Melanie to all of our family and friends as she is a professional, kind photographer who truly captured all of the special moments on our wedding day.
Molly & Chris Perkins